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I am

committed to ensuring your marketing works.

Online. Offline.  In print, on social media and in person..

I've been in the mar/com industry for over 25 years. Before forming Imagine That in 1998, I had worked for agencies and in in-house communication departments in Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Albany, NY.  Each experience helped me hone my design and writing skills as well as prove how important it is to invest your marketing dollars wisely.


I want you to make a profit off your marketing efforts.  That's why I work hard at developing marketing strategies over a multitude of social and multiple media to get your business noticed.  It doesn't matter if your company is large or small, my focus is always the same: to create effective strategies that are memorable and measurable.

I work with clients on monthly retainers. That means instead of spending a large sum of money at the outset of your project, I'll design and write your website, social media strategy and/or printed collateral upfront and charge you monthly for the work. Contracts can be as short as 3-months or as long as 2 years. Whatever best fits your budget.


I want you to succeed. Why? Because Marketing Works...Imagine That!



My skill set:


Branding / Logo / Identity

​Business Development

​Referral-Marketing Strategies

Customer Retention Programs

Prospecting Campaigns

Client Communications

Product Launch

Social Media Presence / Growth Strategies


Annual Reports



Graphic Design


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